As seen at Hay on Wye Festival, Bankside, Brighton Beach, Trafalgar Square, Ledbury Poetry Festival, Humber Mouth Festival, Cheltenham Literature Festival.

Poets For Hire include Tim Siddall and Lewis Parker.

“How does it work?”

“You give me a title, I write you a poem, You pay what you think it’s worth.”


11 thoughts on “poetforhire.net

  1. A poem you wrote during Ledbury Poetry Festival was read at one of the monthly Hills Poets events in Malvern and we enjoyed it. Poet for Hire is an entertaining concept. Good luck with your future poetry busking.


  2. really love the idea of what youre doing. Went to London this summer and saw you at Bankside. Amazing work, and thanks for my absolutely unique poem!


  3. This very moment when, after visiting the Tate Modern we saw you typing, sitting at the edge of the Thames; The poem you have writen for my daughter and me will never leave our thoughts – THE souvenir of our travel in london,


  4. Gave him a german title just with a small explanation and got back an awesome little poem! My boyfriend liked that special little present a lot!! Keep going Tim


  5. You wrote a great poem for my daughter at the Hay festival. when I gave it to her to read, It really put a lump in her throat, Thanks so much.


  6. Well… and London still not disappointed me 🙂
    Come to my city.I ‘ll join you in the streets.
    I’ ll give you food (and roof) for thought.
    Write me.


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